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Recent scientific research shows that for better health you should protect yourself from the harsh, toxic effects of free chlorine in your shower water. It is known that inhalation exposures may be up to 10 times as significant as ingestion or absorption, due to chemicals evaporating out of the water. Chlorine is also know to chemically bond to protein, leaving hair and skin dry and brittle, as well as eyes red and irritated. Purify your water, rejuvenate your skin, restore your hair's natural shine and luster and invigorate your lungs with Chlorine free water from shower filter.



Pressure range: 5-90 PSI

Temperature range: 4-60C

Effective flow: 1GPM

Body material : ABS

Service life: 8000-12000G

Max temperature: 80 Centi-degree


1.Shower filter is made of a combination fo coconut shell activated carbon with carbon  fibre and

  KDF media.
2. It can remove chlorine and organic pollution, KDF filter media(the redox process) exchandges

electrons with contaminant and turning them into harmless components such as chlorine to chloride.

3. KDF also created an unfavourable environment for bacteria growth.
4. Thus it can protect your skin when bathing.

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