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Aimer Industrial Co.,Ltd have been focusing on people's concerns whether the water we're drinking was clean. The enormous amounts of data and information on the environmental problems indicates that tap water is not safe for direct drink. Our water is polluted more or less. Water purifier are 100% recyclable and leave absolutely no pollution for our children and work at filtering out and reducing what harms us and makes us sick.

Aimer's commitment to innovation and excellence in water filtration and purification set the foundation for human health. Today, Aimer Industrial Co.,Ltd, is poised to meet the needs of a 21st century global community concerned with environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility. With a solid foundation of experience and commitment to excellence, Aimer is one of good choice for your filtration needs and requirements.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to assist you with your water filtration and purification needs.

With a focus on residential and commercial water treatment markets, Aimer filter products remove contaminants and suspended solids from the water, providing clean, safe drinking water and protecting and extending the life of household appliances and critical equipment. Aimer's specialized filtration products and process technologies include filter housings, sediment and carbon filter cartridges, ultraviolet, reverse osmosis,ultra filter and bacterial and virus reduction systems.

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